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It is our wings that makes us beautiful

"But, Marta, what were you doing in Kufunda? I still don’t understand"

That’s what most of my friends, colleagues and family asked when I arrived back to Barcelona from Kufunda. The difficulty to give them an answer that would make sense to them confirmed the beliefs that I had been sensing since I arrived to Zimbabwe.

Kufunda is about being present; doing or producing are relegated to the background. That’s the first thing I understood when I arrived. No one told me what to do or at what time I should be here or there. After a couple of days of transition, I started to feel that my only responsibility was, as everybody else’s there, being aware of the community needs (and therefore, act) and share this responsibility with the rest of the members.

That is, actually, the biggest and most beautiful assignment that only you can give to yourself. That’s the way I see it. Through this freedom you can deeply talk to your soul and connect with the heart of the others. This created an invisible circle that embraced all of us.

This sense of community fascinated me and still now, from the other hemisphere, I feel this connection. As well as the presence of nature, who hosts the place and our lives. She is there, all around, all the time. During my weeks in Kufunda I started to be in relationship with that powerful land and, somehow, learn to listen to it. I just hope my life in the city won’t destroy it now that I’m back ;)

I find myself living this journey of life; learning, being, laughing, witnessing and also failing, letting go, giving life and dying at the same time.

My love to all the Kufundees.

All my gratefulness to the people that lead me there and the beautiful Zimbabweans I met on the way.

Marta Cayetano i Giralt

"Love is the message and the message is love;

from the streets to the mountains to the heavens above"

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