November 22, 2019

All Africa Anthroposophic Training at Kufunda Learning Village

Kufunda Village is a an African Learning Village, learning our way into how to create healthy vibrant community in Zimbabwe and beyond. August 27 - September 3rd of 2019 we hosted the second All Africa Anthroposophic Training at Kufunda. A seven day residential conference that brought together 115 people from across Africa. This piece is a reflection on the experience.

When people think of Anthroposophy they probably don't immediately link it with Africa. But we were recently together 115 people from several African (and European) countries for the second All Africa Anthroposophic Training. It is an intensive introduction to the ideas of anthroposophy...

October 31, 2019

I am about to graduate as a movement medicine teacher.

A week after completing my Movement Medicine dissertation we hosted the first of a series of annual Kufunda planning sessions. We run them every year. With what was emerging from my movement medicine exploration, I knew that I could not do the same old sessions. We work with the Art of Hosting at Kufunda which is a wonderful approach to participatory leadership and yet it is still primarily dialogical: Head and heart, but little body.

I brought the dance in fully: Dance to support people in arriving into themselves, dance to support them in connecting with each other. It was a joy-filled dance in a joy-filled Dare (our African meeting space); Dance to connec...

September 12, 2019

A friend of mine summarised what this speech is about, so warmly and generously. So I will let her words introduce this video: "Maaianne Knuth gave this inspiring lovely speech on a Biodynamic congress in Switzerland. She vibrates in such a natural powerful way that inspires and invites all of us to stand up and be courageous in our ordinary extraordinary ways. Please sit down and listen till the end, she completes her message with a song directly from her heart to yours. She bring a story of individual sovereignty as a path to African self-reliance and it feels for me much more embracing and inviting each of us African and non-African, perpetrator or victim, hero and ordinary woman or man to dare to change our...

August 7, 2019

Obtaining my teaching certificate and honors degree was a great achievement for me. Little did I know that fate had bigger things for me. The Waldorf calling started, when I left Zimbabwe for South Africa due to economic hardship. I got a job at Hermanus Waldorf School in the Cape Province. I had two very excellent mentors Louise Oberholzer and Marrian Penfold. I received a lot of in-house mentorship which greatly helped me to have an insight into the Waldorf methodology of teaching. When the situation became better in Zimbabwe I came back. I got a teaching vacancy at a Waldorf inspired school. I was all alone with no mentor. I felt exposed, nervous and unsure of what to do with the children. Visitors from abro...

July 19, 2019

2019 has been a good year for our school. Our new classroom block has been progressing well and is almost entirely completed. It will be taken into use during the third term of the year, a beautiful bright and spacious classroom block. It was made possible due to generous support and funding from many friends abroad, including Mahle, Freunde, Acaccia and Simba Kufunda.

This was also the year that Kufunda began to learn and practice biodynamic farming. A workshop in April with teachers Anne and Rolf Bucher from Germany laid the foundation for Kufunda’s biodynamic farming project. A team from the village is working full time with establishing a biodynamic garden. Each Wednesday children join for community work in...

July 18, 2019


School starts at 8. From 8-9 our children do free play. From 9-10 its morning ring time. This term we taught the children three new songs as well as new games. The children really enjoyed the song in Swahili, which is a language they were hearing for the first time. They also did a lot of rhymes and rhythmic clapping games which helps them with the rhythm of life.

As regards our rhythm: On Mondays from after break they do finger knitting, a lot of children enjoy it especially the boys. Tuesday is painting day. Playing with colours is something the children enjoy, and each Tuesday they remind the teachers that today is for playing with colour! Wednesday’s we do weaving and making spider webs. Our natu...

June 7, 2019

As you know Zimbabwe is going through a particularly challenging patch in our collective history. As a country we are battling dire economic and political challenges, a drought that has left us preparing for a year of food shortage and hunger, followed by a cyclone that has devastated communities in the eastern part of our country as well as neighbouring Mozambique and Malawi. 

Amidst it all there seems to be a light growing at Kufunda, and a sense of gratitude and possibility. 

How is this? 

We think it may have to do with our living more deeply into our purpose.

What does it really mean to enter into a landscape and a community? 

We have been here for 14 years as Kufunda and yet there is s...

May 31, 2019

The Harvest Festival was a day of celebration - ​​even in the midst of Zimbabwean hardship and struggle. Bringing together community leaders from across Zimbabwe to stop, share stories and to listen together for the ways in which we have grown and transformed as we have faced challenge. In this we realise the strength, resilience and capacity that comes out of walking through the fire. Together we are strong, and in celebrating our journeys our sense of possibility grows and is nourished.

February 21, 2019

Meg Wheatley is an American writer and management consultant who studies organisational behaviour. Among other things, Meg is currently running a leadership program called “Warriors for the Human Spirit" building leaders to be warriors in an increasingly chaotic world.

Meg is an old friend of Kufunda, who has been an important inspiration and mentor to us since our inception (even before)! We had the honour of hosting Meg for two weeks in May. She facilitated a retreat of a new initiative called Gateway Zimbabwe that Kufunda is co-convening together with Trust Africa and ORAP. One of the key outcomes of this time together was clarifying our purpose and landing on our core design principles, which will guide us...

August 3, 2018

On the night of 26th of July Kufunda school held our termly school festival, the title being St Johns.

We had forty-three parents who braved the chilly weather to support their children and the school. Coming onto the stage, the  class fours led the other classes  singing “I will go with my lantern” while holding colourful and beautiful lanterns that they had made themselves. Kindergarten pupils entered last enter all dressed like angels.
We had our welcome speech by Mrs Madanire and then the Kindergarten pupils came in a circle and performed an outstanding performance, singing together beautifully. The class ones did an amazing play of  “the farmer plus [ showing the four mathematical operations)”. Then...

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