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A week at Nyeredzi Waldorf school in Harare

My two children have been for 1 week in Nyeredzi Waldorfschool because we, the parents have been attending a workshop in Harare.

We knew already the Waldorfschool system from Europe. From the moment my daughter walked in to the nice small school she said to me:“ it look likes her old school in Switzerland“, the nice colourful paintings on the wall, the season table whit things how are found in the nature and the peaceful ambience.

The teachers and the children where very helpful to let them feel comfortable. They got time to observe the new situation till they where ready to join the class.

Anna, in class 1, enjoyed the lot of movements, the singing and the creativity.

Bram, in kindergarten, enjoyed the playing in and outside, feeding the bird’s and listening to the story told at the end of every morning.

I could really see that the teachers where well trained waldorfteachers who likes to let the children learn through all there sense and working on the creativity from every individual. They where very motivated and loved to teach the children the different skills they need for there life’s.

As we were picking the kids up we found them always relaxed and happy whit them selves. Accordingly to the local school, it was a big different coming home. They have much more tension in them and they need to release this tension first before they can play nicely again.

We would love to bring our children every day to Nyeredzi Waldorfschool, but we are staying to far away from Harare. But we all now one day they will join the Waldorfschool again. And the children already look forwards to this moment.

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