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Re-gathering of the tribes

Returning to some of our roots at 21 years of age by Maaianne Knuth

In June we held a wonderful celebration and re-gathering of the tribes in Denmark as part of Kufunda's celebrating 21 years on the planet.

It was a small but global gathering of friends and friends of friends. It was a pop-up learning village. Intergenerational. And an amazing opportunity to practice together how we wish to be in the world together. As Toke always says, 'what you practice, you become.'

We practiced Learning VIllage'ing. With appreciation and learning and togetherness at the centre.

With curiosity about what we bring from the Past

How we live it Now

And what it makes possible for the Future.

Different streams of community gathered there:

The Pioneers of Change, The Art of Hosting; The Berkana Exchange (which was the seedbed for the Ecoversities Network), The Chances to Change Community, The Flowgame community and more.

We spent a lot of time on the first day sharing stories of how these different impulses had taken shape at the end of the millenium (that sounds like a long time ago!). There was a recognition of something moving in the times back then, and a sense collectively that something is moving now too.

The teenagers joined in - enriching our time.

We took time to walk, and swim in the ocean, and to prepare our food together.

We were there not just to dialogue and reflect - but to be together. Human to human. Seeking for ways to contribute and live well together now.

We decided to continue this impulse and JULY 6-12 2024 will be the third Learning Village in Provence, France (the second will be at Kufunda at the end of this year.

"It was a gathering of the tribes, a gathering of many fields of beautiful and exquisite colours

As we sat together gently and steadily a new colour appeared in our we-space.

At first it felt a bit weird, even uncomfortable, as if we could not combine that new colour with any of our existing colours,

I am aware that something extraordinary is happening, all our fields are changing with that one colour and many more fabulous colours that are just popping up.

I am in awe! I feel it and I notice it in our posts and most of all in my bigger field.

Maaianne you decided that you could not close the circle, of course not!

Everything is further expanding and growing,

It is exhilarating and breathtakingly beautiful.

We all belong and we're all doing it as we take on the roles of beacons of light, soldiers of light or pioneers of light in any possible combination."




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