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A change in worldview is a change in the world

A reflection by Happy from Rusape, based on an experience of the the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium inspired by the Pachamama Alliance during our Leadership Programme.

"Without vision a person certainly cannot achieve what he or she is determined to do. Often we find ourselves wishing and hoping for things or situations to get better. As human being, citizens of the earth, we learn more by learning something different. I have learnt that we are not flawed, but we are mistaken in how to live our lives; how to take care of our environment and how to take care of our planet. There is no peace on earth unless we have peace with the earth.

We don’t realize that there are assumptions that we have inherited as humanity that could or can change our decisions. The most devastating assumption is the idea that we are separate. Rather, we are not separate. The miracle is that we are connected. We need to inter-be in everything relating with all of creation starting as a single point. All creation is a planetary family. If we truly embrace and experience the sense of inter-connection, it will change how we behave, relate, and work.

We have to wake up from this trance to create hope for a better future; to shed off this hopelessness. Remember, not flawed, simply mistaken. We are not individuals but a society. When we really realize these unconscious unexamined assumptions of separation, they start to loose their grip or value on us. Thinking will shift things, ideas, lives or situations. Never underestimate the power of one. I won't - not any more.


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