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Kufunda hosts Margaret Wheatley

Meg Wheatley is an American writer and management consultant who studies organisational behaviour. Among other things, Meg is currently running a leadership program called “Warriors for the Human Spirit" building leaders to be warriors in an increasingly chaotic world. Meg is an old friend of Kufunda, who has been an important inspiration and mentor to us since our inception (even before)! We had the honour of hosting Meg for two weeks in May. She facilitated a retreat of a new initiative called Gateway Zimbabwe that Kufunda is co-convening together with Trust Africa and ORAP. One of the key outcomes of this time together was clarifying our purpose and landing on our core design principles, which will guide us in our purpose. Some of the principles that are key to Gateway Zimbabwe, may also inspire you in your work and so we share them here:

  1. We give primacy to local knowledge, experience, tradition and community

  2. We tend to the health of relationships

  3. We live the culture we are inviting others into

  4. We honour and engage people in their wholeness and diversity

  5. We speak truth grounded in our purpose

  6. When we encounter dissonance, we pause and think things through together

We also had a village dialogue with her to share dreams, aspirations and fears that are alive in us as Kufundees. Time to slow down and be in reflection together is always good.

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