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A School festival with a difference

On the night of 26th of July Kufunda school held our termly school festival, the title being St Johns. We had forty-three parents who braved the chilly weather to support their children and the school. Coming onto the stage, the class fours led the other classes singing “I will go with my lantern” while holding colourful and beautiful lanterns that they had made themselves. Kindergarten pupils entered last enter all dressed like angels. We had our welcome speech by Mrs Madanire and then the Kindergarten pupils came in a circle and performed an outstanding performance, singing together beautifully. The class ones did an amazing play of “the farmer plus [ showing the four mathematical operations)”. Then the class twos stood in with some poetry and closing was the class fours who performed a beautiful song, a verse, and a punctuation verse that suited the class well. The Students performances were well received by the parents and everyone around.

Teachers also had a chance of performing, and they did Eurythmy with Julia O’Leary a visiting Eurythmy therapist from Capetown. The festival ended with a delicious dinner served by Kufunda.

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