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All My Relations

At the beginning of August, Sikhethiwe Mlotsha travelled to Cape Town to join a constellations workshop with Francesca Mason Boring and Tanja Meyburgh. The following are her reflections from that journey:

"About 60 participants gathered in Cape Town for two days to attend the “All my relations” constellation. Some of them were trainers and others only participants without any particular knowledge on constellation work. We did six constellations during this program. My topic was one of the six, which was incredibly helpful. The most amazing experience for me was the interconnections between humans, nature, ancestors and everything surrounding us that I became aware of by doing the constellation work. I feel that my mind and heart are wide open right now and I am able to see things with another eye. There is healing that happened. It wasn’t about direct teaching and being told new knowledge but about observing what is happening, listening to people’s reflections and insights. I learnt that it helps to slow down, especially in conflicts or very energetic situations and to look at it from a certain distance rather than responding straight away being drawn into the same energy without my inside being able to reflect on it. I learnt that the growth is starting from yourself going to the collective. Not only to consider me as an individual in a specific situation but the interrelations between all people and what surrounds us. Thank you to all who made this possible.

It helped me to walk another mile, which will positively affect my work with the women here at Kufunda."


Sikhethiwe and Undine at the end of the weekend workshop looking forward sharing more about my experience in our next village circle. Warm greetings

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