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Upcoming Events and Programmes

The next months will be filled with programmes as diverse and refreshing as Kufunda is. Our leadership programe is now being conducted in a variety of one week long modules instead of stretching out over continuous six months. The modules will be offered to our partner communities and to paying participants from Harare and beyond strengthening the relations between urban and rural population as well as to improve Kufunda’s financial viability.

The offers are ranging from workshops to develop stronger personal leadership and to facilitate groups with the Art of Hosting – Hosting Conversation that Matter techniques and a process called “Awakening the Dreamer” – a journey that focuses on the current global situation and how it relates to all of us as individual beings and our ability to change our future for the better by taking wise actions.

The rest of the modules will address the practical education in the areas of permaculture, bee keeping, compost toilet building, jengetahuni stove building (a wood saving mud stove construction), soap and candle making, and water harvesting methods.

Our educational work will grow stronger through our next Waldorf training workshop hosted by Johanna Birth from Germany. She has a long history of running similar programs at Kufunda. This year she will address not only the preschool and primary school teachers but as well the parents of the children. As important stakeholders of the school we are hoping to build the trust and spark the flame that will enable the school to develop further whilst being held by a strong container of friends, parents and supporters from near and far.

We are looking forward to invite people across the edges to join us for the coming months in one programme or the other to learn, live, laugh and celebrate the one journey that we are all on-the journey of life.

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