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Spirit Bird Festival

Join us as we celebrate 21 years on this earth!

December 6-10, 2023

Our Kufunda Learning VIllage Birthday Festival is an intergenerational celebration to experience and practice the founding impulse and essence of Kufunda Learning Village, whilst we listen for the whispers of the future.

Join us to be hosted by the Land and the Spirit of Kufunda.

Together, we will be in the collective question of what it takes to “Live the Future Now”.

It is our experience that when we gather as a community in gratitude and celebration of all that is - light as well as dark - the future enters us as inspiration.

This is a Festival!

This means that there is space for all of our expressions and explorations: Music, Singing what can’t yet be spoken; Dance as expression of our Souls; Arts, Compost making, Nature observation, Systemic constellations; Time in nature, and more. These are all part of a tapestry, weaving a golden thread of our celebration and our calling to the path ahead.

Be prepared to be surprised, and inspired and to co-create the magic at the centre of the Learning Village.

High Level Programme






Arriving to the land and each other.

Remembering - Harvesting lessons from 21 years of Learning Village’ing

Living the Learning Village Now


Letting the Future Arise Through Us

Closing and Stepping forward together

Practical Details


We are offering this gathering on a sliding scale. We have mapped it according to geography, but feel free to register where you are able.

International adults - USD 390

Regional adults - USD 210

Local Adults: USD 125

Children half price

Partial scholarship are Available

Please contact us for details

Join the Gift Economy:

Please add to your fee, to contribute to someone who can’t afford full price.


December 6, 10 am- December 10, 3 pm @ Kufunda Village

International guest can arrive on the 5th and depart on the 11th. Unless you wish to join us for time in the bush after the celebration. We will shar more on this possibility shortly.

Fee includes full room and board. Depending on numbers we may ask some to bring and stay in tents.

Final registration forms will be available soon

Feel free to ask questions:

WhatsApp: +263 77 987 4301


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