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Individual Sovereignty as a Path to African Self-Reliance

A friend of mine summarised what this speech is about, so warmly and generously. So I will let her words introduce this video: "Maaianne Knuth gave this inspiring lovely speech on a Biodynamic congress in Switzerland. She vibrates in such a natural powerful way that inspires and invites all of us to stand up and be courageous in our ordinary extraordinary ways. Please sit down and listen till the end, she completes her message with a song directly from her heart to yours. She bring a story of individual sovereignty as a path to African self-reliance and it feels for me much more embracing and inviting each of us African and non-African, perpetrator or victim, hero and ordinary woman or man to dare to change our story and live our life to our fullest potential and to be free. Because we are free, we are free, we are free."

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