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An invitation From the Youth of Kufunda

Text by Victoria Hollesen, Video by Charles Koke and Doctor

People have an innate ability to use anything and everything to create something beautiful and new out of nothing but their own impulse to create and reach for more. There are so many people who have these dreams, goals, and hopes but don’t know how to achieve them.

And yet they can.

What is needed are the tools and the equipment; the environment and community that supports growth and as a young person being given opportunity to try new things. The community is there. Now we just need the equipment.

Our long term plan is something similar to a learning pod.

We would like to create a place where the youth have space to explore our interests and ideas,our concepts and experiences in an environment where we chose what they want to learn and have mentors who check up with use regularly in support. The people who pass through Kufunda will have the option to teach what they are good at and what they are interested in. It is the our choice to listen or not. And this would give us a platform on which to learn from the internet and people who pass through.

What we need now is the equipment and somewhere to start is laptops. This will be the building block towards a place where we have a voice and space. This has already started with a short movie some of us made, included below.

We, the youth, would be so so grateful and excited to receive the tools to have more space to learn. This may be in the form of a donation. Or supplies, for crafts, art. This may be laptops. This may be a workshop with them to speak or teach your craft and your lessons. I think it is time we the youth hear from you as more than just adults but as people. We want to learn and share with you.There is an endless well of knowledge that lies hidden. We as people seek it. And hope that you may help us uncover just a little bit more of it.

There will be a Kufunda gathering in the first week of December and if you have things that you want to bring to help us with this journey we would be so grateful.

Things to bring:

  • Old electronics e.g laptops, iPads, phones head phones, music equipment, microphones, audio interfaces, cameras, money for software

  • Art crafts: pencils, colours, water colours, acrylic paints, notebooks, paper, pens

  • Jewellery making: Beads, shells, wire, hooks

  • Knitting: wool, netting needles

  • Money: to support individuals in their interests and us as a whole to create a space for growth

  • Your knowledge and will to teach

You can also contribute money which we can use to get some of the tools we need.

Thank you!

Victoria Hollesen together with the youth of Kufunda


Here is Charles Koke's latest video - Kufunda Through the Eyes of a Volunteer. Enjoy!


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