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Community outreach

A series of community visits inspired the Kufundees as they saw some of the impact of their work in the communities.

In Rusape the work with the Waldorf kindergartens has taken root strongly. The team visited Stembile Mberi's preschool, which continues to grow inspired by the Waldorf approach, and met the 46 children and two teachers. The children at Rusape preschool are excited to be learning and expressing themselves freely and nurturing their talents

Following last year's practical modules, community teams in Rusape, Chihota, Zvimba, and Seke have begun several practical sustainability projects. Here is the team in Chihota showing off their new mushroom project .

In Zvimba many people have taken to the organic farming techniques and returning to their traditional grains. Here Gogo Chinyani proudly displaying her millet filed intercropped with peanuts.

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