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Affection - The Key to Change

Affection! What is it really?

During my time in Warriors Without Weapons in Brazil I came to believe that the affection is where all change begins. Being affectionate with myself, embracing what is me with a big hug and a smile and then being affectionate with others.

It was a challenge experience being in the community in which we were going to play the oasis game. Not everybody in our group could speak English, and most of the community could not.

I tried to have someone translating for me when I wanted to meet people and listen to their stories. Even with some individuals in my working group I had difficulties connecting just because of the language barrier.

But when I truly started to practice the appreciative inquiry in all of what we were doing the magic started taking place: Appreciative everything.

I realise that there are a thousand ways of communicating in a way that creates a deeper affection.

One of the ways was getting in the community with appreciative eyes in all my senses: Appreciative eyes in my feelings; appreciative eyes in my ears; appreciative eyes in my heart and in all that is me. Everybody started opening up, offering candy, brigadeiros, cicada and their hearts.

A connection was established with affection - and even words can not frame this one. And then I knew:

Only by practicing affection in all, can we all be able to truly meet the other: That person who has a dream but doesn't believe it will come true; the one who has a story to tell but doesn't have the time or a reason to. As you meet them with affection, you can start to see that person showing up, with eyes glittering and really exploring his utopia, sharing with a loud heartbeat and the whole dancing to it, like a butterfly that just got out of the cocoon and cant wait to shine his way into the world.

“O Affeito Meu Affetou” . This means Your affection has affected me. This is the reason why I am proud of being a Warrior without weapons.

I leave you with a big hug and a smile


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