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To Be is to Inter-Be

We cannot separate from others,

Animals, rivers, trees, soil

We are part of the land

It is our body

It’s me. It’s you.

When we do things to harm the land and environment

It always comes back to harm us too.

The Earth is a beauty beyond human comprehension

But we have been killing her softly

Overwhelming her with our demands

She is giving us what was meant for the next generations

Because she cannot bear to leave us desolate

Yet we separate ourselves from her

Although she keeps caring for us till the day

She won’t be able to continue

But what do we offer her, so

She does not self-destruct?

What will we do so that we won’t create a land

that will be described as once beautiful,

once inhabited by animals, trees, birds, rivers

What will we do so we do not have to show old images

But let future generations experience the beauty first hand?

What if there was hope

What would you do, then

What are you willing to do?

Yes you?!


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