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The Magic happened in 3 days

By Sikhethiwe Mlotsa

Arcturus community managed to bring its magic through an amazing process called the OASIS Game. In less than 3 days, this community managed to make 21 beehives and collect recycling material for 5 more hives.

Kufunda has worked with this community for 3 years and over time we have managed to bring the gifts of this community together: People from different political backgrounds, who were at odds, are now working together. During a Go Deep process almost two years ago, the Arcturians painted their vision on the wall at their communal meeting place. This vision is now supporting their activities. In the past year the community have managed to organize collective activities towards bringing this vision to life.

Out of their vision and their own effort, they now have safe water for the school run with a solar pump; they are organising cultural activities regularly; private companies are supporting the community with road maintenance and have helped to build a local clinic.

This year we were invited back and hosted them in a simple and fun hands-on process in which members of the community organize themselves and work practically on a shared dream. They chose beekeeping, as they had resources and skills for this project. Amazingly in two days this community made so many beehives. They truly embraced the process as it brought joy and brought people together across the generations, including both the very young and the elders.

The community is energized through this process and have organized themselves to continue working together. They have set the hives, and look forward to beginning to harvest honey in the next months.

The Oasis Game brings to life the magic and flow that is always available to us in a community but requires us to come together with joy, connection and willingness to work together for the good of the whole.


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