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Kufunda Photo & Video Journal

Join us for a photo/video journey of the past few months, that have been quite magnificent at Kufunda. Our work continues to develop in all of our three core areas of Healing with the Land, Healing in Community and offering a Healing education for our children. With a little text of what the pictures are showing.

The Good Food Festival in Harare in September where we had a stall and were selling awesome biodynamic food.

Claudia and Lillian and all the other youth during our most recent youth programme, in which local young people are waking up to their dreams and talents and cultivating a vision for their future - which we will accompany them in reaching.

Our recent African bio-dynamic trainers workshop with participants from all over Africa - lots of incredible work and learning together!

Our class threes are doing their Housebuilding Main Lesson, building a beautiful hut with so much pride and joy!

Some of the Kufunda children beginning the journey of learning to play the Mbira; Class 5 visiting Great Zimbabwe in October - an epic historical place; and some of our kindergarten children playing in the sandpit.

Happy participants after our Personal Excellence Bootcamp hosted by Pauline Sibbel in October - Together we remembered that the sky is the limit! Manu our dog also loved it.

Biodynamic veggies from our garden and our local farmers network. Tsitsi showing off her homemade Sauerkraut during a regular women's gathering for healthy living with friend Melanie Furman visiting from Canada where she runs a business making and selling fermented foods.

A recent Waldorf Kindergarten teachers workshop - for the first time hosted by our own kindergarten teachers

Children sharing their talents in Mhondoro - a local community that we have worked with since Kufunda's inception. This is during a recent 5 day Go Deep game in September that brought the community back together, remembering their gifts, and overcoming differences.

Thank you for your friendship!

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