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In the Pause

At this time we here at Kufunda have been reflecting on how to work with this place of pause we are in. We have been in conversation around how we can be a part of a movement to birth a new world. We are reading a text which is making a distinction between our survival programming on the one hand (which we have been living by as a world for centuries and which has not brought harmony or the kind of world most of us aspire to), and on the other hand coming from a much larger and vaster sense of who we are. This they spoke of as our thriving identity - based in joy of deeper self-expression. The question they posed and which we were with was how to respond to this pause from our vaster selves? From the part of us that is connected to destiny, to purpose, perhaps even to the cosmos? Survival is important and necessary but when we create our societies with that as its fundament, we build from scarcity and fear.

How can we let go of a domination of fear to create new possibilities?

To create new businesses? To create new local ways of relating and governing? We asked ourselves:

  • What are you dreaming at this time?

  • What are you imagining?

  • What are you seeing?

My sense is that much of what we are living and seeing at Kufunda right now is a part of the new. The regularity of nature observation; the deepening of personal practice; the mushandira pamwe (working together) to harvest the crops. Some of the future looks like the ancient past :), some of it is distinct and entirely new.

At the same time we are experiencing the economic contraction of Covid-19; the continued political struggle and impasse in our country - and many countries across the world in fact; of division and conflict. There is an experience of deep chaos when we look out into the wider social realm. How can we make our way with trust into the new in the midst of all of that?

We each have to choose to make our way through the Gateway. We cannot choose this for another. But there seems to be a special opportunity now. To find our way Together, to a radical new set of possibilities. Let us listen to our dreams. Let us share our ideas. Let us trust that the seeds that are growing in each one of us truly matters.

Truly Matters.

What is your heart whispering to you right now?


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