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Building a fabric of wholeness and joy

In February of this year I joined the international agricultural conference in Switzerland. The photo is of me with Jean Michel from the Agricultural section of the Goetheanum, Vandana Shiva, eco-activist, and Helmy Abouleish from Sekem. We were in an inquiry around the Sacred in Agriculture following a talk by Vandana, which highlighted the challenges in Agriculture brought on by big Agribusiness.

Her talk was so important and it left me with a deep sadness.

How to be with the darkness of our world, without losing faith in our potential to transform it?

My reflection was a simple sharing of both how we at Kufunda experience the truth of everything she had spoken in our lived experience in Zimbabwe. But I also had to share the many gifts of joy arising out of our daily work at Kufunda, in which we make our daily choices for Life.

Do we know that we will prevail?

Of course not.

Does it matter?

In some ways - not really.

We continue to choose that which affirms Life.

The choices are building a fabric of wholeness and joy. And somehow this is ours to do in this moment.

Not to be brought down by the immensity of the challenge, but to be inspired by how much continues to be possible in community.

Grateful for our journey and our path.


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