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There are many ways that you can join the work, play and learning of our village:

You can come and spend time with us

Our village loves to receive friends from near and far, each one of them bringing different gifts to the village, as well as gaining from the deep learning field we have grown here. We had 13 volunteers with us in 2014 and we loved them all! So please receive our warm invitation: Come and spend some time with us; learn with us; offer your skills and your curiosity.

You can make a donation

We welcome any contribution in cash or kind that can further enable the work of our learning village. We are working to become more and more self-reliant and sustainable as a village but there is work that will continue to need support, in particular our Leadership Development programmes (leadership for sustainable community and Young Women are Medicine) and our educational work with children. Please consider giving a one-off or an on-going contribution to either of these.

You can join the Community Hari

Another way of making a donation is to become an on-going friend of the village by joining the community Hari. Hari means ‘pot’ in Shona. The Community Hari is a pot of unrestricted monthly contributions from friends of Kufunda to help support the core operating costs of the Village, so that we have a strong and more stable foundation from which to do our work. A little money goes a long way here, so there is no contribution that is too small. Click here to add regularly to the community pot.

You can contribute in-kind

There are many things that we need in the village, for the village in general and for our school. Please click to see a full list of all our current in-kind needs

You can sign up for our Updates

You can also join us through our regular updates

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