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Helpful Materials

Kufunda Village School

One of the most valuable contributions is to help collect some of the many materials that our school uses. Our school needs the following materials: 


Yamaha soprano recorders x 20

Ukes x 10 



Stockmar watercolor paints: Carmine red, vermilion, golden yellow, lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and Prussian blue 

A3 painting paper 

A 3 cartridge paper 

Fountain pens x 15

Coloured wooden beads 

Wooden buttons 

Tapestry needles 

Various sewing and darning needles 

Embroidery thread 

Plain coloured fabric for hand sewing 

Wool 16 ply enough for a class to make pencil cases or beanies 

Crochet hooks 




A3 paper 

A4 paper 

Exercise books with no lines good quality 

Scrap books with no lines 

Construction paper (not needed in Harare for awhile) 

Sharp scissors x 15

Triangle pencils 

Standard pencils 

Coloured pencils 


Metric rulers 

Tape measures 

Crayons (not needed for awhile) 

Quality chalks for teachers to draw on boards variety of colours including black 

White and yellow chalk for teacher and children's use 



Quality children's books and readers 

For example: Grimms Fairy Tales, folk tales from different countries, classics, poetry books etc

Steiner books for teachers. 


For Kindergarten: 

Wooden toys 


Silk cloths 

Handmade dolls 


Other useful items 

Hammers and nails 


Carving knives 


Things we do not use are: 

Plastic toys 

Colouring books 

Commercialised books 



Thank you for supporting our school.


Your donations are much appreciated and will be put to good use. 

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