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Upcoming Events, Workshops and programmes


We often have some kind of workshop or programme happening at Kufunda. Find the up-coming ones below. We also do tailor made workshops, which can be held at our village or your own workplace or community. Please contact us for more information. 

Leadership for Sustainable community

June 15-Dec 4


Kufunda is inviting you to JOIN other young people from all over Zimbabwe into a six month programme where you will get a chance to share your story, dreams, Inspiration, growing more fully into your best self, developing clarity of your passion, and purpose in life, while at the same time learning skills for sustainability and community leadership. 


The Kufunda Communiversity is a program that brings together young people like you from all over Zimbabwean and hosts them for a deep learning experience at Kufunda Village. This program gives you a chance to engage many aspects of sustainable living and community self-reliance, with an emphasis on ecological practices and skills, personal development, shared reflection, collaborative governance, and leadership. The purpose of the program is to create a space for you if you are READY and willing to bring change in your life and to your community. It is a space where you can identify your dreams and explore your passion, and be well equipped to move towards these.

Journeying into new stories

July 18-26

Join us for a learning journey and learning camp into a lived experience of the world of Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe. It is clear that the world is living through a big transition. In it much is falling apart, the old is crumbling in many ways and many places, but the new is not fully born yet, not fully known.


The new story is born in the space of uncertainty of frail new beginnings. Zimbabwe has been in this space for over a decade now. We are learning a lot. And it’s about more than resilience, it is about crafting a new story, a new way. It is about finding our way home. This learning journey, this Kufunda camp, is about connecting to the new story as we are already beginning to live it – and it is about knitting our selves and our souls back together moving way beyond the break down. 

The art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter


Join us for a participatory deep dive into ways of working with people, groups and communities that really work!


We will learn by observation, experience and practice, using interactive processes to build a safe and inspiring learning environment. We will explore and practice several participatory methodologies.


There will be opportunities to apply newly learned tools and emerging insights to your own organisations, business, projects-in-progress to your own organisations, business, projects-in-progress, as well as develop and continue a new practice that will last well beyond this training. 


It will benefit your organisation or community if you come more than one to this training. Discounts are offered to teams.

pre-school teachers workshop August 10-15


A Waldorf workshop for kindergarten teachers looking at: 

  • The importance of the child`s play. With practical exercises.

  • The importance of the child`s environment. How to set up a waldorf preschool room. How to bring light in the preschool room.

  • Practical studies in different crafts and arts. For example waterpainting, making different toys...

With Johanna Birth from Germany

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