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Kufunda produces a variety of different products that are avalable for sale. Contact us for more details.

Kufunda Venue 

Kufunda has been functioning as a venue for several years now. We host our own residential short and long term programmes and are also available for other organisations to rent our space. 


We will shortly be puting more information here on Kufunda as a venue. 


Please contact us if you would like to inquire about prices and dates.





Women's Jewellery


Some years ago, as a result of financial difficulties and a needed sense of unity, a group of Kufunda women started to meet and bead.


That was the beginning of a journey that is still going on today. 


The Kufunda Women's Jewellery Project has also become a project to express oneself through the artistry of creating beauty using nature's own resources and a place to gather together as women to share and reflect with one another. The jewellery is made from primarily seeds from the forest, and each woman's jewelry is uniquely different. Read more about each woman by following the link below. 

HErbal Products



Kufunda's herb team has been producing herbal products for many years. Our products include:


  • Moringa Leaf Powder 

  • Herbal Teas

  • Herbal Salves

  • Cough medicine

  • Tinctures for colds, stomach ache, sore throat, general immune booster

  • And more


If you are interested in purchasing some of our herbal products or learning from our team please get in touch.




The Kufunda Aikido team is now making wooden bokken. Initially they began making bokken their own for practice and now they are also making them for sale.


If you would like to support the village, and use hand-made bokken for your aikido practice, please contact us. 



Agricultural Products


Kufunda is producing many traditional grains. We are not selling produce yet, but do have some seeds for sale:


  • Sunnhemp

  • Cowpeas

  • Finger millet 



Additionally we grow sugar beans, sorgum and sweet potatoes. 

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