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Oasis Game Training



The Oasis game is a unique community action programme from Brazil that is being applied across the world.


The Oasis Game aims to realise the dream of a community by bringing its inhabitants together to co-dream, co-design and co-create that dream with their own hands, resources and hearts. 


The process involves a lot of interactive playful tools to make it attractive for everybody to join hands in creating a better world together, starting in their own community, starting now. 


In 2016 we hosted the first ever Oasis training in Africa together with one of the founders Rodrigo Alonso from Brazil for this training and game. 


Our training is being offered to professionals, entrepreneurs, inhabitants and anybody who’s wanting to take this methodology into their community. The Oasis Training is an eight-day immersive experience in a community in Zimbabwe. We will learn through the full immersion in the process, engaging with a local community, whilst at the same time learning the theory and principles underlying this process. 


By the end of the 8 days you will have experienced a dynamic and vibrant way to engage communities in collaborative solutions; been part of creating tangible change with a local community and you will have tools to boost your own local development processes going forward.


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