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Kufunda School March News

The last weeks have been busy for the school with the class 3s and 5s leading the way with creating a garden and entry way for where the school will shortly be moving to under the stewardship of Benjamin Tree, a Waldorf teacher who is with us for this first term of the year. The new school premise is only a few hundred metres from the current building, which is by a parking lot. The new space is in an ecologically built rammed earth building in the heart of Kufunda learning village. To support their move, the children have been planting a garden to mark the entryway into the village and to their school. Next term, as part of their building main lesson, they will be part of building a simple outdoor classroom using the simple cob technique.

Our weekly study circles that we began earlier this year have continued on a weekly basis. We have been fortunate enough to have had Steiner teachers with us in each one deepening our learning. Much is being explored and discussed. One thing we are realising it that we have much to unlearn from our own schooling. Integrating more art and our own inner exploration seems to be key components for the continued study - alongside reading Steiner texts, which is what we are currently doing.

Elizabeth Madanire from the primary school and Annah Bendicto from the kindergarten will be going to Johannesburg to participate in the Pan African National Teachers conference in April. We wish to develop relationships with schools that are further along the path than us, for exchanges and learning. 

We have just begun putting word out to find a Waldorf teacher who can be with us for a longer period of time, as we recognise the need for the school to grow under the guidance of someone who deeply understands the possibilities and practices of Steiner education and who can share and support the development of our capacity. Please share with relevant people our search for a teacher.

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