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Being village - Returning to the hearth

There is something special about the land and community of Kufunda. For the past fifteen years we have been living and learning about what it takes to create healthy vibrant communities. An important part of it is a rooted sense of belong. People arrive here and almost regardless of where they are from within a short period of time, they tell us that they feel such a strong sense of Home Coming. Is it the Village? Is it Mama Africa?

Whatever it is, we wish to share it. 

Join us for our second Learning Camp with the focus on diving into the experience of Being Village. Step in with us to a taste of Belonging in the heart of Africa.

Kufunda is a safe, yet real way into meet a part of the spirit of Africa, the Spirit of the Ancestors and the Wild that is still alive here.


In Being Village we will come together Village with Visitors and play with finding our way back to what it means to live in a meaningful, and generative relationship with each other and the land, across the generations, across the cultures. We will work with our hands, we will dance, we will sing, we will listen, we will dialogue, we will play - we will be in a process of remembering Being Village, together. 

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