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Our Leadership for Sustainable Community Programme works to support young people to:

  • Discover their passion and life work

  • Develop the courage and the freedom to choose who they want to be

  • Learn how to appreciate and nurture the wealth and wisdom in their communities

  • Grow the practical skills for working in sustainable ways with the land and with the people


The Leadership Programme is a six-month residential programme at Kufunda Village. The Programme aims to offer the best of what Kufunda has learnt over the years and to provide a living experience of community collaboration and co-creation.


We work with young people who are ready and willing to make a difference in their communities, whether urban or rural, and who have already begun taking initiative, through creating small youth led organisations or projects.


By strengthening their leadership, the clarity of their purpose and their practical skills for building sustainable community, we enable them to find their way to become agents in their community instead of victims.


This is Kufunda’s flagship programme, designed especially for young people. The whole of Kufunda Village is involved in their leadership journey. Participants join and become a part of the daily life of the village. About half the participants' time is spent in the classroom deepening their skills in the areas of leadership, community and sustainability. The other half is spent actually doing those things. They join the village structures as a way of learning through daily experience how this particular learning village is organizing itself. The village also provides apprenticing opportunities, as they will chose a team to join for deeper pracLcal learning (herbs, farming, renewable energy, etc.).


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