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healing with the land

As a learning centre and eco-village, we have long been learning our way into what it takes to create healthy and vibrant community and sharing this with our local community, and communities around Zimbabwe. The relationship with the land is core to this.

We are committed to regenerating and fostering a healthy and sustainable relationship with the land and natural environment. in 2018 we expanded our organic practice to include Biodynamics.


This includes keeping as large tracts of the land as possible as woodland, wetland, and grassland respectively. In this way, we are not opening up new areas, but rather better utilising existing, although depleted, farm land; and seeking to preserve the increasingly under pressure environment from illegal fire wood harvesting, regular uncontrolled bush fires, and poaching of the slim remaining wildlife in the area.

Operating as a Biodynamic organism we see and treat Kufunda as an individual whole, with most of what we need for farming coming from the farm itself - manure, compost, mulch, fodder for the animals - and developing biodynamic preparations to replenish the soil and assist the plants.


We aspire to being a Productive farm which is leading us to producing a diversity of crops - fodder, vegetables, and grains - both for ourselves and for sale.


Being a Demonstration farm we are seeking to be a place of learning for the community, and beyond, and this also includes being a school farm, integrating the school children and their parents in our learning, and producing food for the school children’s meals, as well as feeding ourselves and our visitors to the extent this is possible.


Before lockdown we were hosting regular farming lessons for people from the nearby community.


We have a vision of becoming a biodynamic resource centre for Zimbabwe through our training, outreach and supply of biodynamic farming preparations. This will take time, but the seeds have been planted and partnerships are being built locally and internationally.

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