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Healing in Community

Core to our mission and vision is to work at Kufunda herself and with communities across Zimbabwe to find ways to build healthy vibrant community. Key to this work is finding ways to heal individually and collectively,  acknowledging and using the wealth and resources we have; and finding our way to  become strong, empowered agents of our own destiny.

When communities discover their gifts, their resources and their capacities and what they care about - so much potential and possibility opens up to them.


As part of this work we have entered into a partnership with ORAP and Trust Africa to create Gateway Zimbabwe a collaboration and platform  with a purpose very close to Kufunda's own: to catalyze agency, enhance social cohesion, build healthy communities and contribute to reweaving the social fabric of Zimbabwe.

In the Gateway we say that Whatever the Question Community is the Answer. Kufunda brings our almost two decades of community building experience to the Gateway - finding ourselves with a broader platform and reach than we have had before.


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