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Skals Students at Kufunda

In April 21 young students from SKALS School joined us at Kufunda for an active learning and cultural exchange at Kufunda and across Zimbabwe. Travelling far abroad is always an adventure especially at a teenager age, still being pretty much attached to home but also on the edge of starting to fly and gaining experience in the journey called life. Settling in at Kufunda before going out to explore Zimbabwe was therefore welcomed and gave everyone the feeling to arrive in the home that Kufunda as a village is offering her guests. Their time here was embedded in a constant exchange of learnings and practices. The hosted world café brought up the question of “What is going on with the young people right now?” and the SKALS youth and Kufunda Youth discussed that topic in length, taking their different contexts and backgrounds into account but as well discovering similarities in future dreams and visions. The presentation of gymnastics from the Danes impressed the village and was the foundation for the final good bye party to be turned into a dance away event.

SKALS 2017 has been the second of this kind of exchange visits, bridging the worlds of Denmark and Zimbabwe and it feels that Kufunda Village is serving its mission at its best when being used as a platform for connecting people from all walks of life. We are looking forward to keep reaching out especially to the younger generations who will shape the future and need these kind of experiences that make them aware of “who they are” AND “who they are in this world”.

Skals students offering a Gymnastics Show

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