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pre-school work


Kufunda works in partnership with about 12 kindergartens, primarily located in rural communities. Our work is focused on education of the caregivers. We teach the basics of the Waldorf approach to teacher of young children, supporting them in helping the children learn in age-appropriate ways. 


Each year we host a week long workshop with Waldorf resource people from our global network.


The Kufunda pre-school is also growing stronger. Pre-school teachers Anna Benedicto and Anna Tenis deepened their knowledge and developed skills in 2014 supported by training in South Africa and Germany respectively.


Also in 2014 the pre-school was repainted and redesigned, and a new garden was planted outside. The class did a trip to the Airport with the kids and they experienced the inside of an aeroplane! 


We welcome volunteers to join us with the children. To share stories, songs and art from different cultures, as well as giving them an experience of different culture and exposure to english. Find more on voluteering here

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