Kufunda Village Waldorf inspired School marries the best of Waldorf with our placement in nature, on a farm and as part of a learning Village. 

We are dedicated to providing learning that enables the development of the whole child, stimulating creativity and imagination while giving them a strong foundation in learning and knowledge for life. 


We have a strong body of teachers, whose teacher training and further Waldorf training and experience covers several countries including several years of teaching experience in South African Waldorf schools, and professional Waldorf training in Kenya and at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart in Germany.

The school’s curriculum follows Waldorf pedagogy, and is further enhanced by our placement in an active learning village. The children have access to farming, handcrafts, eco-building, herbal knowledge and more practical experience which complements and enriches their main lessons.

In the words of Dorothee Nys from Belgium who has been teaching the class threes last year "Rather than educating the child how to learn, we strive to teach them to love learning. We address the whole child in it’s unique way of being - harmonizing the thinking, feeling and willing. As teachers we create a safe place/environment for the child to freely explore and discover him/herself. Apart from the intellectual development, there is (a lot of) space for arts, crafts, music." 

We are inspired by the Waldorf philosophy and approach, which works with the inherent joy of learning, curiosity and imagination of our young, and which understands that the human being arrives to this earth with a purpose and gifts that come from their soul's journey. Part of the role of education is to enable that soul to fully land in this body, becoming enabled to fulfil his or her purpose on earth. This means education is far beyond simply teaching technical or even philosophical knowledge, and in fact during the early primary school years, the education is primarily direction through the feeling centre of the heart. So stories and images and learning  that inspire, and that give an understanding of the fundamental principles of nature and life are what are central during these first stages of education. A time will come when the child is ready to fully apply the intellect to these learnings, but to begin we allow them to land in a place that inspires their sense of goodness, beauty and truth. 

Kufunda Village School- Waldorf inspired education in Nature

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"I can see something new coming into my home through this child.
Something is born in the family which is important."

Kufunda Parent

"I like my school

because it is a fun way of learning and we do different things each day."


“She is not as shy as she was before. She has become a curious person, wanting to know more about her school work and her surroundings.” 


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