July 19, 2019

2019 has been a good year for our school. Our new classroom block has been progressing well and is almost entirely completed. It will be taken into use during the third term of the year, a beautiful bright and spacious classroom block. It was made possible due to generous support and funding from many friends abroad, including Mahle, Freunde, Acaccia and Simba Kufunda.

This was also the year that Kufunda began to learn and practice biodynamic farming. A workshop in April with teachers Anne and Rolf Bucher from Germany laid the foundation for Kufunda’s biodynamic farming project. A team from the village is working full time with establishing a biodynamic garden. Each Wednesday children join for community work in...

July 18, 2019


School starts at 8. From 8-9 our children do free play. From 9-10 its morning ring time. This term we taught the children three new songs as well as new games. The children really enjoyed the song in Swahili, which is a language they were hearing for the first time. They also did a lot of rhymes and rhythmic clapping games which helps them with the rhythm of life.

As regards our rhythm: On Mondays from after break they do finger knitting, a lot of children enjoy it especially the boys. Tuesday is painting day. Playing with colours is something the children enjoy, and each Tuesday they remind the teachers that today is for playing with colour! Wednesday’s we do weaving and making spider webs. Our natu...

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