October 9, 2015


My name is Ethel Chimenya. I am 20 years old. I am a young woman whose passions are working with young people in discovering our dreams, talents and ways we can use them to build our future. I am also in a journey of discovering ways people can engage in fruitful conversations that help change our world so that we can move from being ego to becoming ecological.


Less than a month ago, I arrived at Youth Initiative Program as another step for me to take on my journey. 


When I arrived in Sweden at Jarna , I felt really excited to see my new home and meet the people I would live together with for the next ten months. My intention when I got to YIP was to find different answers and maybe also ask different que...

June 4, 2015

This piece is by Ethel Chimenya after she, together with others, took the flow game into Chikurubi maximum security prison in Harare. 


"Hold fast to dreams,

for if a dream dies

life is like a broken winged bird

that cannot fly…"


This is the feeling I carried after seeing the pregnant women, and women with young kids in the prison.


Time was not enough, but the little time we had made a shift in the way they felt about the life ahead of them.


We were eight hosts and every host had three players, two prisoners and one social worker. We played with the question: What am I ready to let go off in my life? At first the prisoners were a little scared to ask or contribute anything to each other so the first rou...

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